Advisory Council

Advisory Council Roles

  • Share key research questions and priorities coming from immigrant communities across MA with the Leah Zallman Center;
  • Advise or co-develop research agenda and specific studies;
  • Disseminate and translate findings to policymakers, practitioners, and community members; and
  • Grow the Leah Zallman Center network

Advisory Council Members (2022)

  • Cristina Aguilera, MPA; Chair, Leah Zallman Center Advisory Council; social impact and strategy consultant
  • Marcy Bernbaum, PhD; qualitative research
  • Ayatt Elawad, Director, Health Equity, ACEDONE
  • Paul Geltman, MD, MPH; Chair, ICH Board of Directors; Chief Medical Officer, Upham’s Corner Health Center
  • María Rosario González Albuixech, Director, Communications and Immigrant Health, Health Care for All
  • Diya Kallivayalil, Director of Training, Cambridge Health Alliance’s Victims of Violence Program, Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Sarah Kimball, MD; Director, Boston Medical Center’s Immigrant and Refugee Health Center
  • Ân H. Lê, JD, MSW; Senior Policy Advisor, Boston Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement
  • Lenita Reason, Executive Director, Brazilian Worker’s Center
  • Amy Smith, MD, MPH; Primary Care Physician, Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Luiza Souza, Program Director, Massachusetts Immigrant Collaborative