Who We Are

History, Values, and Vision

The Leah Zallman Center partners with immigrant communities, advocates, policymakers, and social and health systems on actionable research to improve immigrant health and wellbeing.

Led by Dr. Jessica Santos, we are a group of social scientists and public health researchers who conduct rigorous mixed methods research to answer relevant questions about the health of immigrants and communities. We work in partnership with funders, advocates, health systems, and immigrant communities to develop and conduct actionable, high-impact research to advance policy that supports immigrant health and health equity.

The Leah Zallman Center builds on ICH’s long history of using participatory methods to ensure that community voices in research are amplified to the state and national level as part of evidence-based policymaking.

Our History

Dr. Leah Zallman, Director of Research at ICH, spearheaded this work until she died suddenly and tragically in November 2020. At the time, ICH was gearing up to launch a research center focused on immigrant health that Dr. Zallman was going to direct. Working closely with Dr. Zallman’s family and loved ones, ICH’s leadership decided to establish the Leah Zallman Center for Immigrant Health Research to carry on Dr. Zallman’s legacy and make her dreams a reality. The Center honors Dr. Zallman by embodying the spirit of her work through our core values, the content of our research, and our commitment to producing evidence to aid policymakers, health care systems, and advocates seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of new Americans and all Americans.


To develop and disseminate rigorous, relevant research and evaluation on immigrant health to guide policy and equip communities with actionable information.