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The Leah Zallman Center for Immigrant Health Research is supported by the talented staff at the Institute for Community Health.

The Leah Zallman Center draws from ICH’s talented pool of interdisciplinary staff. When research and evaluation projects are developed and/or approved as contracts, ICH leadership and the Leah Zallman Center Director work together to discuss the appropriate allocation of staff based on methodological and content expertise, lived and professional experience, racial/ethnic/linguistic congruence, staff capacity, and other factors. ICH and the Leah Zallman Center strive to give all staff ample opportunities to develop expertise in multiple areas and with multiple research methods using a matrix management model. Supervisors also work closely with staff members to conduct team-based annual performance evaluations and discuss professional development and career goals and opportunities. We strive to create a healthy and meaningful work environment at the Leah Zallman Center where professionals can grow and thrive.

Core Operations Team

Jessica Santos, PhD


Ariela Braverman Bronstein, MD, MPH, PhD

Health and Equity Research Advisor

Danielle Chun, MPP

Strategy and Partnerships Manager

Sofía Ladner, MPH

Staff and Community Engagement Manager

Lisaury Diaz

Research and Administrative Assistant