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2023 Annual Report

2023 was a pivotal year for Massachusetts policymakers, healthcare providers, advocates, lawyers, and social service organizations focused on immigrant well-being. At the Leah Zallman Center (LZC), we see and support those who are working day to day on the ground to welcome immigrants, and are honored to partner on action research to enact long-term, structural changes in our institutions and communities. Learn more by reading our FY23 annual report here.

Download our 2023 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

It’s fall in New England! Every year when the air gets cooler and students, families, and educators transition into a new school year, I feel excited, renewed, and reflective. Time to put away our flip-flops, roll up our sleeves, and celebrate our accomplishments – we launched a Center! Also, a moment to pause and see if we learned anything from the previous year.

Download our 2022 Annual Report