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Andres Lopez, PhD
Director of Research, Coalition of Communities of Color

Andres Lopez, PhD

Dr. Andres Lopez is a trained sociologist and professional research and evaluation scientist. Academically, his training and research centered on how inequalities of race, gender, and sexuality are reproduced in organizations and urban settings. He has expertise in a wide range of research methodologies that utilize feminist, anti-racist, and queer theories.

He has over ten years of experience conducting action research meant for solving social/practical problems and equitable evaluations of programs, processes, and organizations. Andres’ applied research experience is highly collaborative, partnering with various stakeholders across governments, universities, and grassroots, community-based, and nonprofit organizations.

Andres received a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from Xavier University and Master of Arts degree in sociology from University of Missouri-Kansas City. His doctoral training began at Iowa State University, where he finished his doctoral coursework in the sociology department and earned a graduate certificate in Education for Social Justice. Andres holds a PhD in Applied Anthropology from Oregon State University.