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Community Catalyst

Project Details

Community Catalyst hired ICH to provide qualitative research expertise to Community Catalyst on a project studying the care management enrollment experiences of patients dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare in 4 states. There is a wide range of experiences across the country with encouraging dually eligible healthcare consumers to enroll in care coordination and management programs. This project aims to deepen the existing body of knowledge around what works to increase enrollment by conducting qualitative data collection in California, Ohio, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Although we originally planned to conduct in-person focus groups, we are now planning to do data collection remotely due to COVID-19, and through this process we will be developing recommended practices for conducting remote data collection with under-served vulnerable populations.


On this project, ICH is contributing expertise in qualitative data collection and analysis, including designing guides for interviews and focus groups, training interviewers, conducting focus groups, training around qualitative data analysis, and leading the analysis team. We are also developing a publication around our experiences with remote data collection with vulnerable populations.