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Lawrence Mayor’s Health Task Force

Project Details

In fall 2016, ICH was engaged by the Lawrence Mayor’s Health Task Force (MHTF) to facilitate a strategic planning process with the ultimate goal of developing a 5-year plan for the group. Guided by a participatory framework, ICH’s approach emphasized the involvement and input of key personnel and stakeholders in all aspects of the strategic planning process. ICH facilitated a full-day visioning workshop which resulted in refocused and revised mission and vision statements. ICH also analyzed secondary data, conducted stakeholder interviews, administered a coalition member survey, and facilitated a SWOC (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) process. This culminated in a 2-day planning session led by ICH, during which the group made decisions about the future direction of the task force and identified organizational development priorities and key focus areas. At the end of the planning process, ICH developed a comprehensive strategic plan with implementation recommendations, which is now being used to guide MHTF’s ongoing work. ICH is currently working with the MHTF to develop logic models and evaluation plans, and to implement some of the organizational changes identified through the process.