Community engagement workshop for Maine Medical Center

The rural core of the Northern New England Clinical and Translational Research Network (NNE-CTRN) at Maine Medical Center aims to build capacity and infrastructure for community-engaged research in rural areas and foster research partnerships between clinicians and community members. Although the NNE-CTRN had significant internal capacity to do evaluation, they felt stalled on how to define and measure community engagement. The NNE-CTRN hired ICH to provide an intensive workshop for staff to reflect on what community engagement means in the context of their work and develop a strategy for measuring it. Over the course of 2 days, ICH led a series of activities, including formal presentations, facilitated discussions to build consensus around certain topics of disagreement, a logic modeling exercise, and group work. With ICH’s facilitation and technical assistance, the NNE-CTRN came to agreement on a plan to move forward and designed an innovative instrument for longitudinally assessing the degree of engagement of community members in the project.