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Anisha Erasani, BS ’22

Anisha Erasani, BS '22

Anisha Erasani (she/her/hers) received her BS in Health Science from Boston University, graduating in May 2022. She is a candidate in the 4+1 MPH program at BUSHP, studying Global Health Program Design and Human Rights & Social Justice.

At the Leah Zallman Center, Anisha was involved in several research and evaluation projects. Anisha conducted research on the status of immigrant mental health needs and the benefits of non-clinical mental health interventions for an upcoming report and facilitated interviews with key organizational leaders and meetings with partners.

Throughout this internship, I have taken away many valuable skills and lessons. I have been able to understand the importance of relationship building with our partners by being transparent and ensuring that they feel engaged throughout the process. I have further strengthened my research skills and deepened my understanding of the health needs of immigrants. I have also had the pleasure of speaking with so many individuals who are extremely passionate about the work that they do and are more than willing to share their knowledge with others. This internship opened the doors for a new area of study I was previously not exposed to and hope to engage in further.

Anisha’s research interests include program development with a focus on community and/or global health, working with underserved populations, and participatory evaluation.

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