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Jee, E., Stewart, S., & Santos, J. (2023). Healthcare training tracking: A key intervention point to improve racial equity in the healthcare workforce. Institute for Economic and Racial Equity.


Researchers at Brandeis University’s Institute for Economic and Racial Equity (IERE), including Dr. Jessica Santos, LZC director and visiting scholar at Brandeis, have released a new report entitled Healthcare Training Tracking: A Key Intervention Point to Improve Racial Equity in the Healthcare Workforce.

This new report builds on nearly a decade of research on HPOG programs. Findings include that Black participants enter lower-level training programs than their white counterparts with the same educational background, contributing significantly to the racial wage gap. By intentionally guiding Black men and women to training programs with better outcomes, similar to those taken by White HPOG participants, workforce training centers could begin to tackle the problem of wage and opportunity disparities in healthcare.