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The Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, Community Catalyst

Project Details

Community Catalyst’s Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation has a subgrant program called Consumer Voices for Innovation, which funds consumer health advocacy organizations in five states to organize healthcare consumers around health systems transformation issues. ICH was hired to evaluate this program to help the Center understand the impact of this work and identify lessons learned and best practices that can inform future programs. Through the evaluation, ICH helped the Center articulate their theory of change through a logic model, developed evaluation questions and indicators, and collected data through document review, surveys, and interviews. The Center has used the results thus far to identify the most useful technical assistance topics for the second program year and to share lessons learned among the grantee cohort. They also disseminated ICH’s evaluation report to policymakers, providers, funders, and other stakeholders in order to spread knowledge about best practices for organizing consumers around health systems transformation.

See the interim evaluation report here.