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Hallmark Health System

Project Details

IRS regulations require all not-for-profit hospitals to complete a community health needs assessment (CHNA) and community health improvement plan (CHIP) every three years. ICH has worked with Hallmark Health System (HHS) to conduct their last two CHNAs. ICH prepared detailed summaries of demographics and key health indicators for each town in HHS’s catchment area and gathered community and stakeholder input using approaches such as surveys, key informant interviews, and community forums. After completing the most recent CHNA, ICH also facilitated a strategic planning process and prepared a CHIP to address key areas identified in the needs assessment. ICH’s comprehensive CHNA and CHIP reports have enabled HHS to fulfill IRS requirements, and HHS has used the data to prioritize resources and strengthen community programming and clinical services, leading to improved patient and community health.

View the CHNA and CHIP reports here.