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Barriers to health care for undocumented immigrants go beyond policy and range from financial limitations to discrimination and fear of deportation. ICH Director of Research Leah Zallman was the senior author on a paper published in the Risk Management and Healthcare Policy Review reviewing literature on barriers to health care for undocumented immigrants and identifying strategies that have or could be used to address these barriers. The study conducted a literature review of published articles from the last 10 years in PubMed using three main concepts: immigrants, undocumented, and access to health care. The authors identified barriers in the law and policy arena including limitations to access and type of health care. These varied widely across countries but ultimately impacted the type and amount of health care any undocumented immigrant could receive. The paper additionally reviewed recommendations for addressing barriers to health care for undocumented immigrants, and advocated that solutions are needed that provide for noncitizens’ health care.