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Leah Zallman’s immigration research is featured in local and national news

A new review article by ICH’s Leah Zallman and co-authors from Cambridge Health Alliance and Tufts University was recently cited by several local and national news media outlets. The article explored the current body of research on immigrant’s contribution to the US health care system, including one of Leah’s published studies. The review concluded that immigrants, regardless of their immigration status, spend one-half to two-thirds as much US-born Americans on healthcare, dispelling the myth that immigrants overburden the healthcare system.

To read the review article, click here.

Below is a list of local and national news media outlets where Leah’s work is featured:


Medical Xpress

Washington Post

Marketplace (NPR) 

The Hill

Buzzfeed News

WBUR CommonHealth

Modern Healthcare

Common Dreams

Science Codex