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One of our goals is to work with immigrant entrepreneurs and contractors as much as possible.

Here is a short list of a few! 

Elisabeth Loomis

Supports with Design

Connect with Elisabeth

Igor Souza

Supports with Website Development

Connect with Igor

Elisabeth Loomis

Best Coast Society(Report Design)

Best Coast Society’s mission is to empower the change makers advocating for vulnerable populations and small businesses with impactful storytelling and intentional design bound to cause disruption.

Connect with Elisabeth

Sylvia Stewart

(Report Design)

Sylvia designs amazing reports for LZC!

Connect with Sylvia

Igor Souza

Capetivate – Digital Solutions (Website Development)

Capetivate’s mission is to help organizations uncover the best version of their business by leveraging digital solutions, creative design, and marketing tools.

Connect with Capetivate