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The Leah Zallman Center’s partners include immigrant community leaders, advocates, researchers, policymakers, social and health system leaders, and funders.  We establish partnerships around shared values and goals related to immigrant health and wellbeing, and co-design actionable research and evaluation projects to inform real-time policy and practice. 

For many years, staff at the Institute for Community Health (ICH) have worked with partners in Massachusetts and nationally who are dedicated to improving the lives of immigrant communities. Dr. Leah Zallman’s original idea to create a center dedicated to immigrant health research grew out of these partnerships, and we want to thank all of our partners and funders for their past, present, and future support of the Center. 

We compensate immigrant leaders equitably as experts for their contributions, advice, and participation in research.  Unrestricted funds received through donations ensure that our community-engaged approach is possible. 

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