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Neighborhood Partnerships

Project Details

Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) is a statewide social policy organization located in Portland, Oregon, focused on “creating opportunity for all Oregonians.” In 2019, NP partnered with Dr. Santos by recommending and partially funding the creation of a case study on urban Native approaches to Individual Development Accounts, which Dr. Santos’ team conducted with the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA). NP also partnered with Dr. Santos and the Asset Funders Network to create the Oregon Economic Justice Roundtable, a table of philanthropic leaders and immigrant and BIPOC community leaders with a goal of disrupting traditional grantee relationships. The Leah Zallman Center is now partnering with NP to create and institutionalize a participatory policymaking advisory council that would elevate the concerns of immigrants and other marginalized groups in setting economic justice policy priorities in the state of Oregon.