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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Project Details

ICH is the evaluator for the Community Solutions for Health Equity (CSHE) program, a grant-making program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and run by Community Catalyst (CC). The CSHE program works with populations disproportionately affected by structural racism and other inequitable policies and systems, equipping community organizations with the resources and technical assistance needed to influence health care systems to be more responsive to their needs. In order to help CC and RWJF understand the impact of this new program and identify lessons learned and best practices that can inform future programs, ICH will use a utilization-focused approach, providing timely, relevant data throughout the evaluation to inform the program. This will include a formative evaluation and an ongoing grant evaluation, taking a mixed-methods approach. This program will also give ICH the opportunity to strategically apply equitable evaluation principles in hopes of being a model for similar program evaluations in the future.